PowerShell Master Class Module 1 Available!

I’ve finally got round to starting recording on my PowerShell Master Class. This will be a long course that will be free on YouTube. I’ll be adding modules over the next month and updating as needed. I’ll tweet (@NTFAQGuy) when I add new things. Module 1 is PowerShell Fundamentals and available at https://youtu.be/sQm4zRvvX58. The courseContinue reading “PowerShell Master Class Module 1 Available!”

Understand precedence with PowerShell

There are many ways to create functionality in PowerShell including basic cmdlets, aliases and functions. When you use multiple combinations its important to understand the precedence. This is best understood by walking through a basic example. Firstly just run: get-process This will result in processes being displayed as expected. Now lets create a function calledContinue reading “Understand precedence with PowerShell”

Email people via Office 365 from PowerShell when passwords about to expire

I have a demonstration environment where many users have accounts but they never logon to AD directly nor look at this demonstration email mailbox. They only use the environment via Azure AD where they logon at Azure AD via the replicated password hash. Because of this they don’t get password expiry notifications and continue toContinue reading “Email people via Office 365 from PowerShell when passwords about to expire”

Add group members to another tenant via Azure AD B2B and PowerShell

I needed to add members of a number of groups from one Azure AD tenant to a group in another Azure AD tenant that would then be given access to a resource. The goal was to not require the users added to have to redeem the invite which is common when adding a B2B user.Continue reading “Add group members to another tenant via Azure AD B2B and PowerShell”

Using the Azure PS Drive

If you leverage the Azure Cloud Shell in the Azure portal its a very convenient way to manage Azure resources using PowerShell and the CLI but you may have also noticed an actual Azure drive, i.e. Set-Location azure: and you can navigate around your Azure resources (this is actually the default location when the cloudContinue reading “Using the Azure PS Drive”

A whole bunch of stuff with Service Manager

It started out very simple. I was preparing for a client that wanted to allow business groups to schedule the deployment of patches to their servers via Configuration Manager using Orchestrator and Service Manager with some approval workflow. This seemed the right approach and I decided to quickly setup a little example of what thisContinue reading “A whole bunch of stuff with Service Manager”

New Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 R2 Video

In the video below I whiteboard the new features of Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces and then perform a full demo using PowerShell in my lab. http://youtu.be/x8KlY-aP9oE Below is all the code I use. #Create a storage Space #List all disks that can be pooled and output in table format (format-table) Get-PhysicalDisk -CanPool $TrueContinue reading “New Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 R2 Video”