Writing to files with Azure Automation

Azure Automation enables PowerShell (and more) to be executed as runbooks by runbook workers hosted in Azure. Additionally Azure Automation accounts bring capabilities such as credential objects to securely store credentials, variables, scheduling and more. When a runbook executes it runs in a temporary environment that does not have any persistent state and so ifContinue reading “Writing to files with Azure Automation”

Easily create multiple subnets in an Azure Virtual Network

I recently needed to create a whole set of subnets in a large number of virtual networks of various sizes. I thought some variables would be a great way to quickly create the set of subnets in each virtual network which were each /20 networks in a shared class B IP which enabled 16 virtualContinue reading “Easily create multiple subnets in an Azure Virtual Network”

Use an Application Image from the Azure Marketplace using PowerShell

I recently needed to deploy a special type of VM from the Azure Marketplace using PowerShell and the deployment was not the same as regular Windows or Linux VM. First I knew the app I wanted to use, e.g. https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/microsoft-ads.windows-data-science-vm but wasn’t sure of the publisher or offer. With hindsight it shows you right in theContinue reading “Use an Application Image from the Azure Marketplace using PowerShell”

Deploying an Azure IaaS VM using PowerShell

I recently had to deploy some new VMs and wanted to use PowerShell and also join them to a domain and get the anti-malware extension used. Below is the PowerShell I used. You would need to modify the variables in the below to match your own domains. $Region = “EastUS” $VNetName = “savilltech-vnet-east” $VNetRG =Continue reading “Deploying an Azure IaaS VM using PowerShell”

Using Azure Application Gateway to publish applications

I was recently part of a project to deploy SharePoint and Office Online Server (OOS) to Azure IaaS as part of a hybrid deployment. A requirement was to make the SharePoint available to the Internet in addition to the OOS (enabling editing of documents/previews online). The deployment was very simple, 3 VMs were deployed toContinue reading “Using Azure Application Gateway to publish applications”

Azure NSG Integration with Storage and Other Services

Network Security Groups (NSGs) are a critical component in Azure networking which enable the flow of traffic to controlled both within the virtual network, i.e. between subnets (and even VMs), and external to the virtual network, i.e. Internet, other parts of known IP space (such as an ExpressRoute connected site) and Azure components such asContinue reading “Azure NSG Integration with Storage and Other Services”

Checking the creation time of an Azure IaaS VM

I recently had a requirement to check the age of VMs deployed in Azure. As I looked it became clear there was no metadata for a VM that shows its creation time. When you think about this it may be logical since if you deprovision a VM (and therefore stop paying for it) then provisionContinue reading “Checking the creation time of an Azure IaaS VM”

Deploying Operating Systems in Azure using Windows PE

In this article I want to walk-through deploying operating systems in Azure using a custom Windows PE environment and along the way cover some basics around PE and OS deployment. Before going any further I would stress I don’t recommend this. The best way to deploy in Azure is using templates, have generic images andContinue reading “Deploying Operating Systems in Azure using Windows PE”

Automating deployments to Azure IaaS with custom actions

Firstly the final scripts of all the content discussed are available here. A video walkthrough is available at https://youtu.be/7bobbg91cQc and included below. In this post I want to document the results of a POC (proof of concept) I was engaged in for a very large customer. The customer wanted to create single/multi VM environments inContinue reading “Automating deployments to Azure IaaS with custom actions”