Mid-March 2020 Azure Infrastructure Update

Just recorded the latest Azure Infrastructure update and below are the key updates. Note a weekly update is available via subscribe action on the right hand side of this side (hint click Subscribe) or at https://savilltech.wordpress.com/azure-weekly-update-subscribe/. Lets get to it. PowerShell 7 was released. PowerShell 7 removes the “core” tag signaling its position as theContinue reading “Mid-March 2020 Azure Infrastructure Update”

Full Azure Data Engineer Associate Learning Track Available

Over Q2 and Q3 of 2019 I have been working on a series of courses to cover the content required to pass exams DP-200 and DP-201 that once passed award the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. I completed the final two courses and now the 11 part learning track is available. It will shortly beContinue reading “Full Azure Data Engineer Associate Learning Track Available”

Deploying Agents to Azure IaaS VMs using the Custom Script Extension

In an ideal world organizations should try to avoid creating custom images with their own special agents and configurations. This means a lot of image management as each time an agent is updated the image has to be updated in addition to the normal patching of OS instances. The Azure marketplace has a large numberContinue reading “Deploying Agents to Azure IaaS VMs using the Custom Script Extension”

New Free Data Courses on Pluralsight Available!

Over the past two months I’ve been busy on some Data in Azure courses for Microsoft and Pluralsight. These are free and you just need to sign-up for a free account on Pluralsight. These will shortly be available via Azure as well but are available now through Pluralsight. Design a Data Management Strategy for MicrosoftContinue reading “New Free Data Courses on Pluralsight Available!”

Azure Stack Marketplace Management

Been doing some work with Azure Stack and wanted to easily update all the Microsoft provided extensions and a set of core images if there are new versions by running a simple script. Script available at https://github.com/johnthebrit/AzureStack/blob/master/azurestackmarketplace.ps1. Simply run the script and after it downloads the assets it will check if there are older versions andContinue reading “Azure Stack Marketplace Management”

Lots of new Azure Design and Identity free training available

I may have seemed to be very quiet over the past few months but that’s because I’ve been working pretty much every night and weekend on 11 new courses for azure.com that will shortly be available via the site but are immediately available for free via PluralSight. If you don’t have an account simply signContinue reading “Lots of new Azure Design and Identity free training available”

Delivering a Customizable, Graphical Insight into Azure VM Security, Health and Connectivity Using Several Azure Services Together

In this blog I want to walkthrough a solution I recently architected and implemented along with a two other MTC architects to deliver a solution we needed for two reasons: To provide insight into the VMs hosted in Azure across the global Microsoft Technology Center environment Showcase the use of some key Microsoft cloud technologiesContinue reading “Delivering a Customizable, Graphical Insight into Azure VM Security, Health and Connectivity Using Several Azure Services Together”

Using the Azure PS Drive

If you leverage the Azure Cloud Shell in the Azure portal its a very convenient way to manage Azure resources using PowerShell and the CLI but you may have also noticed an actual Azure drive, i.e. Set-Location azure: and you can navigate around your Azure resources (this is actually the default location when the cloudContinue reading “Using the Azure PS Drive”