Resources to help with the various Azure certifications

I see a lot of people working towards the various Azure fundamentals certifications so wanted to highlight a few resources from Microsoft and my channel. I have a playlist at which has certification guidance and all the various cram videos. For most of the fundamentals if you get a trial subscription, go through theContinue reading “Resources to help with the various Azure certifications”

Optimizing Your Azure Spend!

Also known as “how to save money” or if you are Mr Krabs “Me Money!!!!!”. Note, the video version of this is over at Spending money wisely is always important for every company but especially in challenging times it is even more critical to ensure we are spending as optimally as possible everywhere weContinue reading “Optimizing Your Azure Spend!”

Isolation and Resiliency Guidance in Azure

I recently created some guidance for my customer around isolation and resiliency and figured I would share if helpful for others. Warning, this gets kind of complex 🙂 Lets get to it! Overview Isolation is a key component in deploying resilient services. Understanding the various isolation options in Azure is critical to deploying services thatContinue reading “Isolation and Resiliency Guidance in Azure”

Azure Infrastructure Update – March 2020

Just recorded the latest Azure Infrastructure update and below are the key updates. Note a weekly update is available via subscribe action on the right hand side of this side (hint click Subscribe) or at Lets get to it. Azure AD B2B – Unmanaged/viral tenants will not be created after 3/31/2021. Make sure youContinue reading “Azure Infrastructure Update – March 2020”