Deploying Operating Systems in Azure using Windows PE

In this article I want to walk-through deploying operating systems in Azure using a custom Windows PE environment and along the way cover some basics around PE and OS deployment. Before going any further I would stress I don’t recommend this. The best way to deploy in Azure is using templates, have generic images andContinue reading “Deploying Operating Systems in Azure using Windows PE”

New Demo integrating a hybrid VM deployment with Windows Azure Pack

Decided to play with the Windows Azure Pack and specifically offer a hybrid VM deployment which would deploy either via SCVMM to a cloud OR deploy to Azure depending on if the user desired high availability for the VM. I walk through this in video and mini version can be seen below. I uploadedContinue reading “New Demo integrating a hybrid VM deployment with Windows Azure Pack”

New video on VMDK to VHD conversion options

Added a new video to go with Chapter 13 of the new book. Talks about options to convert VMDK to VHD including using the NetApp Shift technology for superfast conversions. Key useful links: MVMC – MAT – NetApp Project Shift –

New features of Hyper-V video

As the first video of a new series that will accompany my upcoming book, Mastering Hyper-V 2012 R2, I have posted a new video that covers all the main features of Hyper-V from Windows Server 2008 through to Windows Server 2012 R2 with lots of demos. Hope you enjoy it! Direct link –

See my Cloud interview for Technet Radio

I had the chance to sit down and talk to Microsoft’s Matt Hester about various cloud topics and its available at It was a lot of fun.