Email people via Office 365 from PowerShell when passwords about to expire

I have a demonstration environment where many users have accounts but they never logon to AD directly nor look at this demonstration email mailbox. They only use the environment via Azure AD where they logon at Azure AD via the replicated password hash. Because of this they don’t get password expiry notifications and continue toContinue reading “Email people via Office 365 from PowerShell when passwords about to expire”

Bulk created group policy objects with PowerShell

A lot of the work I do around Active Directory and Azure AD is for our environment used by our global Microsoft Technology Centers. It is built around a number of region-based organizational units which then have child OUs for each MTC. The requirement was to create a number of GPOs for each MTCContinue reading “Bulk created group policy objects with PowerShell”

Removing a non-existent domain

Recently lost a huge storage array and with that the DC for a demo child domain. I therefore had to clean up the now non-existent domain. I did this with ntdsutil. Below are the steps involved. Basically the domain controllers for the domain are removed, then the DNS naming context and finally the domain. C:UsersAdministrator>ntdsutilContinue reading “Removing a non-existent domain”