New Demo integrating a hybrid VM deployment with Windows Azure Pack

Decided to play with the Windows Azure Pack and specifically offer a hybrid VM deployment which would deploy either via SCVMM to a cloud OR deploy to Azure depending on if the user desired high availability for the VM. I walk through this in video and mini version can be seen below. I uploadedContinue reading “New Demo integrating a hybrid VM deployment with Windows Azure Pack”

A whole bunch of stuff with Service Manager

It started out very simple. I was preparing for a client that wanted to allow business groups to schedule the deployment of patches to their servers via Configuration Manager using Orchestrator and Service Manager with some approval workflow. This seemed the right approach and I decided to quickly setup a little example of what thisContinue reading “A whole bunch of stuff with Service Manager”

New video recording introducing Windows Azure ExpressRoute

In this new video on a call SmartBoard I walk through at a high level what Windows Azure ExpressRoute is. Available at and also linked below. The links discussed in the video are: – ExpressRoute Technical Overview – ExpressRoute FAQ

New video on VMDK to VHD conversion options

Added a new video to go with Chapter 13 of the new book. Talks about options to convert VMDK to VHD including using the NetApp Shift technology for superfast conversions. Key useful links: MVMC – MAT – NetApp Project Shift –