PowerShell Master Class Module 1 Available!

I’ve finally got round to starting recording on my PowerShell Master Class. This will be a long course that will be free on YouTube. I’ll be adding modules over the next month and updating as needed. I’ll tweet (@NTFAQGuy) when I add new things. Module 1 is PowerShell Fundamentals and available at https://youtu.be/sQm4zRvvX58. The courseContinue reading “PowerShell Master Class Module 1 Available!”

Infrastructure as Code for the IT Admin

It’s a quiet Sunday morning and what else is there to do but create a 40 minute video walking through what Infrastructure as Code and DevOps really means for an IT admin. I walk through Azure examples and cover key concepts and tools including Visual Studio Code, Git and Azure DevOps. Enjoy 🙂

New Free Data Courses on Pluralsight Available!

Over the past two months I’ve been busy on some Data in Azure courses for Microsoft and Pluralsight. These are free and you just need to sign-up for a free account on Pluralsight. These will shortly be available via Azure as well but are available now through Pluralsight. Design a Data Management Strategy for MicrosoftContinue reading “New Free Data Courses on Pluralsight Available!”

Azure Stack Marketplace Management

Been doing some work with Azure Stack and wanted to easily update all the Microsoft provided extensions and a set of core images if there are new versions by running a simple script. Script available at https://github.com/johnthebrit/AzureStack/blob/master/azurestackmarketplace.ps1. Simply run the script and after it downloads the assets it will check if there are older versions andContinue reading “Azure Stack Marketplace Management”

Lots of new Azure Design and Identity free training available

I may have seemed to be very quiet over the past few months but that’s because I’ve been working pretty much every night and weekend on 11 new courses for azure.com that will shortly be available via the site but are immediately available for free via PluralSight. If you don’t have an account simply signContinue reading “Lots of new Azure Design and Identity free training available”

Two new videos on Azure AD – Conditional Access and Tokens!

Recorded two new videos this week. The first is an understanding of how tokens work with Azure AD and then one looking at conditional access (which can control the access to get those tokens for various scenarios). Word of caution – I talk about terms of use in the second video. If you just enableContinue reading “Two new videos on Azure AD – Conditional Access and Tokens!”

Understand the authentication pros and cons with Azure AD

When using Azure AD there are two types of authentication available: Cloud authentication where the authentication takes place against Azure AD Federated authentication where the authentication takes place against the federated service, for example using ADFS against Active Directory Domain Services When using the cloud authentication there are two ways to validate the password: AContinue reading “Understand the authentication pros and cons with Azure AD”

Understand precedence with PowerShell

There are many ways to create functionality in PowerShell including basic cmdlets, aliases and functions. When you use multiple combinations its important to understand the precedence. This is best understood by walking through a basic example. Firstly just run: get-process This will result in processes being displayed as expected. Now lets create a function calledContinue reading “Understand precedence with PowerShell”