Some great new Hyper-V Replica and System Center resources.

Microsoft have released some great new resources. The first is a new capacity planning tool for Hyper-V Replica which is a utility you install on the Hyper-V server and performs a test to give exact impact on processor, memory, network and storage that Hyper-V Replica would cause for specific virtual machines. Available at Microsoft haveContinue reading “Some great new Hyper-V Replica and System Center resources.”

New video on the new features of PowerShell 3.0

Sat down this morning and created a new video on the major new features of PowerShell 3.0. It’s uploaded to YouTube and available at Plus the main code I use throughout the video so you can try for yourself! #region CIM Get-Command -Module CimCmdlets Get-CimClass -ClassName *disk* Get-CimClass win32* -MethodName Term* Get-CimInstance Win32_Process #endregion #regionContinue reading “New video on the new features of PowerShell 3.0”

Surface Pro now supports PXE boot

Microsoft have finally released the firmware update for the Surface Pro ( that once installed and used with the Microsoft Surface Pro Ethernet Adapter ( allows the device to support PXE boot and therefore can be booted over the network allowing network based installation of Windows. Note this ONLY works with the Microsoft Surface Pro EthernetContinue reading “Surface Pro now supports PXE boot”