Please Sponsor for Virtual Full IRONMAN for Cure Childhood Cancer

UPDATE – I completed this successfully and thank you everyone for your support for a great cause. On 10th October 2020 I will be doing: 2.4 mile run 112 mile bike ride on the actual Kona course using Rouvy and Wahoo to get full hill experience etc. (will be really hard 😀 ) 26.2 mileContinue reading “Please Sponsor for Virtual Full IRONMAN for Cure Childhood Cancer”

The Importance of Having a Vision

Let me preface this making it very clear this is NOT a technology article. Rather this is about how I think about everything I do and I’m writing this as several people have asked me what drives me and for virtual mentoring. I hope to create a series of these when I have time andContinue reading “The Importance of Having a Vision”

Optimizing Your Azure Spend!

Also known as “how to save money” or if you are Mr Krabs “Me Money!!!!!”. Note, the video version of this is over at Spending money wisely is always important for every company but especially in challenging times it is even more critical to ensure we are spending as optimally as possible everywhere weContinue reading “Optimizing Your Azure Spend!”