Ignore the Nay Sayers!

In the previous article I talked about the importance of having a vision and thinking big which, if you share with others will lead to something else, being able to ignore the nay sayers.

Many times in life, if we share with others our goal, something we want to do they will quickly tell us why we can’t succeed and should not even try. Often they have no experience to provide this assessment of our success probability, but with absolute certainty they will tell us we will fail, it can’t be done. It’s not clear why, it may be people lack motivation to try things but as long as no one else is doing anything they feel OK with that. The thought of others doing things, trying something new makes them feel bad about their own lack of progress or ambition so at all costs they must stop it. Our dream must be crushed.

Whatever the reason, often in life people will tell you what you want to do can’t be done, they are nay sayers and we need to just ignore them. What they think really doesn’t matter. As I mentioned before

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

My father used to say only listen to people who you respect, who have done something you want to do. I can count on one hand (outside of my wife and kids) the people whose opinions actually truly matter to me. People I trust and believe actually give genuine, considered input. Remember people project what they want you to see so unless you really know someone be careful of blindly trusting their opinion.

Sometimes people will say they tried the thing and failed so you shouldn’t try. Just because someone tried once at something, failed and gave up does not make them an authority on something!

For those people whose opinions we don’t value there is no need to hurt people’s feelings, the world is rough enough and remember we don’t care what they think so we can nod, “maybe you’re right but I’m going to give it my best” etc. while we quickly put everything they say in the recycling bin of the brain as what they said holds no importance for us. Maybe we use it for motivation TO succeed. Why waste the energy arguing!

I remember when I decided to do my first IRONMAN one of my friends actually bet I wouldn’t be able to finish, he bet me a steak dinner I wouldn’t finish. I enjoyed that steak a lot! You have to absolutely believe in your vision, give it your all and just ignore what others say.

Now sometimes it’s you that is the nay sayer, that negative inner voice! We all have it at times. During that same Ironman in T2 (which is the transition between the 112 mile bike and the run (meaning already done 2.4  mile swim as well)) I got second degree sun burn during the bike portion (it was 100% humidity and 100 degrees) and I hadn’t trained enough and just sat in the tent with my head in my hands in a lot of pain and just exhausted. Now I had to run (walk) a marathon, 26.2 miles. I just kept telling myself I was done, there is no way I can do a marathon now. But again it’s just another nay sayer, we will all doubt ourselves at times especially when we have a setback but those are the times we get back up and keep going. Yes I walked an entire marathon as couldn’t run, yes it sucked 🙂 Doubting yourself is normal, have the doubt then move past it and do it.

So think big, be brave and ignore all the nay sayers, even you!

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