Azure Infrastructure Update – March 2020

Just recorded the latest Azure Infrastructure update and below are the key updates. Note a weekly update is available via subscribe action on the right hand side of this side (hint click Subscribe) or at

Lets get to it.

Azure AD B2B – Unmanaged/viral tenants will not be created after 3/31/2021. Make sure you turn on one-time-passcode (OTP).

Azure Security Center

  • Now integrated with Windows Admin Center
    • Onboard OS instances to ASC via the WAC extension
    • Security alert and recommendations surfaced
  • Identity and Access recommendations in free tier
  • Azure Container Registry scanning
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) protection

Azure Cloud Shell – Now has additional regions (secondary) for the storage of the shell persistent data. The compute will still be in one of the primary regions but now the data-at-rest can be in a region that may help you meet certain compliance requirements.

Azure Networking

  • NAT Gateway GA (
  • Azure Storage and Azure SQL Database Private Link GA
  • Azure Data Explorer cluster deployment into custom virtual network now possible providing integration with NSG and other connectivity to the vnet.

Azure Front Door

  • Wildcard hosts/domains
  • Configurable idle timeout
  • Configurable minimum TLS versions
  • Health probe configuration
  • Lockdown with new X-Azure-FDID
  • Disable backend certificate name check

Azure Storage – Blob immutability has GA’d. Enables WORM to blobs (write once, read many) based on legal or time locks.

Azure Dedicated Host – Now has additional hardware types available focused on general use, memory optimized and storage-intensive. All based on the AMD EPYC processor except the Msv2 new addition.

Well that’s it! Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and take care in these crazy times and see you soon!


One thought on “Azure Infrastructure Update – March 2020

  1. John – thank you! Your video explanations are a huge help in understanding these new azure updates. So appreciate you doing the extra work to catch me (and all of your fans) up!


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