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New video recording introducing Windows Azure ExpressRoute

 :: Posted by John Savill on 03-17-2014

In this new video on a call SmartBoard I walk through at a high level what Windows Azure ExpressRoute is. Available at and also linked below.

The links discussed in the video are: – ExpressRoute Technical Overview – ExpressRoute FAQ

New video on using Clustered Storage Spaces

 :: Posted by John Savill on 03-17-2014

Just got my hands on a Dell MD1200 storage enclosure with a mix of HDD and SSD so created a quick video of creating a clustered storage space. Check it out at

What’s new in Hyper-V 2012 R2 Part 1

 :: Posted by John Savill on 03-13-2014

Article now live at!

New video covering static IP in Windows Azure IaaS

 :: Posted by John Savill on 03-08-2014

A short video on using Static IP addresses in Windows Azure IaaS!

Have a FAQ on it as well at

New video on VMDK to VHD conversion options

 :: Posted by John Savill on 03-03-2014

Added a new video to go with Chapter 13 of the new book. Talks about options to convert VMDK to VHD including using the NetApp Shift technology for superfast conversions.

Key useful links: